Angel Maker is a unique combination of an online interactive reward chart for kids and a mobile app allowing grown-ups to add or remove stars anywhere, anytime... Bring forth the angelic side of any child!

What is Angel Maker?

You can use Angel Maker on the desktop without the accompanying app. Your PIN number allows you to manage charts, targets and stars while the child only has access to play with the chart. However, the Angel Maker concept is based on using the phone as a tool to take the reward chart out of the home and make winning stars a positive, behaviour-changing experience for a child throughout the day.

When you're out and about with your children, take the power of the reward chart with you. During the day, good behaviour earns stars that the child can claim when you allow them to push the button on the app - fun in itself. However, poor behaviour can mean the red button, and the loss of a star. When you get home, watch them hurry back to the desktop, laptop or tablet to play the interactive chart and see if they've done enough to reach their reward.

With Angel Maker, you sit with your child to choose a chart, agree a target and a reward, find and upload a reward picture, and agree the ground rules.

The child should associate Angel Maker with the opportunity for positive recognition rather than as a threat of stars being removed. They will come to recognise the sound that plays and the simple screen displayed, which shows their face and the +star and -star symbols. The sound (if switched on) is positive by default, but you can switch to a klaxon sound if more urgency is required.

Create a Chart

Sit with your little angel and set up a reward chart together. Choose the chart imagery, name it (e.g. Half-term holiday), agree the target and the reward, and establish ground-rules. You can select one of our reward suggestions or specify your own and upload a picture. Angel Maker is designed to engage children from the outset - fun as well as effective!

Download the App

You don't have to have the app - it's from this 'desktop' site that you set up your child(ren) and you can add and remove stars from the chart page. However, it's the Angel Maker interface in your pocket that differentiates it from any other reward charts, whether online or on the fridge! Visit the App Store (Apple iOS) or Play Store (Android) on your mobile now.

Take Control

Simply take out your phone and your child will know there's a chance to move a step towards their reward goal... or take a step in the wrong direction. Enjoy giving on-the-spot stars and seeing your child's excited anticipation at checking their chart later on 'the big screen'. Manage tantrums and battles of will quietly and calmly. Try it with your little angels today!


Because you can choose the target number of stars, Angel Maker can be used for a day, a week or just a trip out to the supermarket. You can add a picture of the reward to the chart and a photo of the child.

Once the reward chart is all set up via a PC or tablet, the child's progress towards getting the reward can be controlled via the app. Once downloaded to a smartphone, it goes everywhere with you and becomes a grown-up's best friend. It’s the remote control for good behaviour.

Can Angel Maker help me?

As a parent or guardian, you've probably watched endless TV programmes, read parenting books, and heard advice - welcome or otherwise - from countless other parents and relatives on how best to bring up a child. If you're lucky, you now have the perfect 'little angel'. But, if you feel there's room for another tool in the childcare toolbox, a reward chart can often help.

Angel Maker takes advantage of the modern child's familiarity and confidence with all things digital and combines it with the ubiquity of the smartphone amongst their parents.

Multiple children? More than one grown-up wanting access to their charts? No problem. Your Angel Maker account can be accessed from multiple phones allowing, for example, both parents to manage all the angels. Individual phones sync to the main account so the charts are updated accordingly.

It's easy to set up and can be used by pretty much anyone in charge of kids!


Reward Anytime

Use the Angel Maker app to add or remove starts wherever you are - on a journey, on holiday or just in the supermarket. Awards sync to the desktop site and the child's chart.

Encourage Good Behaviour

It's all about children collecting stars to get to the reward. The interactive charts let the child count their progress on the big screen in anticipation of achieving their target. Agree a reward, agree the ground-rules, and take your little angels anywhere!

PIN Protected Charts

You can store the login details on your home PC so that children can easily view their charts, but there's another level of security to prevent any tampering! The 'Grown-ups' Control Panel is PIN protected, as is the addition or removal of stars. Just keep that PIN secure!

Free, Interactive Charts

All our charts are themed, interactive and aimed at engaging young children. Personalise charts with photos and rewards. New chart designs added all the time.

Children are a battle of a different sort... A battle without banners or warhorns but no less fierce.
George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Get the App

Download the app for iPhone or Android

  • The app is available in the Play Store and App Store (coming soon)
  • Install the app in the usual way, then login with your registered username and password. REGISTER HERE
  • Once logged in, the PIN that you set up during registration will allow quick access to the app. The app will remain logged in unless you log out or close it, but the PIN prevents any tampering by reward-hungry children!

(coming soon)


  • PIN-protected quick access
  • Tap on the child from the child list
  • Add/remove a star by tapping the equivalent button
  • Two sound effects: One positive, one warning
  • Sound and visual effects on winning a star
  • Local storage if offline, with sync to charts
  • Use the device camera to take and upload a child's profile image
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